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The bride’s bouquet is an important adornment on the wedding. Various flowers and styles can not only develop the different and special atmosphere but add beauty to the bride’s wedding gown. They can also cater for different kinds of theme weddings, like beach wedding, indoor luxurious wedding, grass wedding etc. Follow us and get some codes about the match of bouquet and the wedding dress.

The satin-made simple wedding dress needs a long bouquet. The emerald rehmannii flower and its green leaves show the bride’s gentle and quiet.

A sphere bouquet matches strapless straight dress. The red lily and red carnation bloom powerfully, which associates people with the wedding on a tropical island.

The fluffy dress with overlays can be matched with a sphere bouquet. The green carnation and white orchid with lace and green leaves make a beautiful sphere bouquet. Its various flower materials with peaceful color make the bouquet fresh, and this just shows the pure of the wedding dress.

The Champaign roses, longiflorum and bamboo make a waterfall-like bouquet, which matches with the X-shape outline image. The bouquet shape of going-off-at-all-angles is suitable for a formal or grand wedding.

The long bouquet matches the classic chiffon draping dress. The yellow alocasia rhizome is like being held in the green canes, which means scepter. And that fills the wedding with royalty and grandness.

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Brides Hairstyles

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You are a bride-to-be but you’re still confused which hairstyle can fit your wedding dress perfectly? Of course, the hairstyle should match your wedding dress and also highlight your integrate image on your big day. Here we collect some kinds of hairstyle for you. Now go and have a look!

Graceful Hair-up

It’s a good choice for the bride to wear her hair up in a sunny and breezy day. Though it’s simple, it can show the grace and elegance of the bride once in a while. When the wind breezes softly, the wavy hair with a white gentian combines the romance and classic temperament of the bride naturally.

Naïve Ponytail

No matter the wedding is held outdoor or indoor, the bride wants to be the most charming princess. The fresh and cute ponytail indicates the bride’s pure and elegance naturally. If you reckon it is too simple to be beautiful, you can add a delicate head crown for your hair, which can make the whole hairstyle vivid and attracting.

Tender Bud-like hairstyle

The bud-like hairstyle is floaty and exquisite, which spreads the bride’s nobleness and charming temperament. This stylish and feminine bud-like hairstyle adds a lot of grace and sweetness to the bride.

Classic chignon

It is the classic chignon that can best reveal the bride’s feminity. It shows not only the bride’s sexy neck but also the sweetness and cute. The classic chignon hairstyle spreads a sense of modern and makes the hair charming and suave.

Butterfly style

The butterfly hairstyle is neat and simple but also decorative. It’s just like the fairy tale which is filled with dreams and fantasy. Except for the bride’s naiveté, this hairstyle shows the bride’s unique characteristic as well.

Tender curly hair

In the natural environment, the bride can do an asymmetrical hairstyle with curly hair. The soft natural curly hair, which is decorated by some small flowers, feels vivid and interesting.

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Jewels for the Strapless Dresses

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Most of the sexy brides prefer to wear strapless wedding dresses which expose the shoulder and arms. And then how should they select the perfect jewelry for the dress to highlight their beauty? Of course, the best answer is the luxurious diamond necklace with feathers or pearls. The following are jewelry which is most suitable for the strapless wedding dresses.

The pearl necklace with floral jewels can be luxurious, which emphasizes the bride’s sexy shoulder.

The strapless wedding dress should match with feather or diamond necklace which has ruby, emerald, sapphire, jade or cymophane on it.

The flower form designing spreads the artistic temperament and develops strong visual effects.

You don’t need wear a bracelet when you wear the long sleeve wedding dress. However, you can pin an ornate brooch or some gorgeous diamond adornment on your dress.

If your wedding dress is short-sleeved, you need wear a proper jewelry to develop an integrate beauty with your dress.

The high-key and exaggerating style jewelry are the most popular items on the wedding party.

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Bridesmaid Dresses

Category : Vision

It’s a big challenge for the bride to choose a dress coat already, let alone to choose the perfect bridesmaid dress. You should know that the bridesmaid can be very important on the wedding. Where there is the bride, there mostly will be the bridesmaid. Though the bridesmaid dress needs to be stylish, it’s also important to choose a simple, beautiful and low-key dress. So we absolutely need to see some bridesmaid dresses.

Most of the people prefer to choose the pink one, which is cute, fresh and pure.

It’s best for the dress to be properly long, which is near the knees. It should not be too long which is beyond the knees too much, but also should not be too short. Because that will make the bride steal the thunder of the bride.

As a matter of fact, the bridesmaid dress needs to be decided by the scale of the wedding. The theme of the wedding cannot be ignored as well. The most important thing is to match the bride’s wedding dress. Those can help the bride select the most suitable and most beautiful dress.

Just like the angel bridesmaid beside the bride adds beauty to the bride, the dress with ruffles in chiffon shows the gentle and cute of the bridesmaid, which adds beauty to the bridesmaid.

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2011 Bridal Dress Collection — Reem Acra

Category : Vision

dWell, the editor has to admit that the Fashion nowadays has broken the traditional limits, as we all can see the wedding dresses have started to make fun. In the 2011 Reem Arca Fall & Winter Wedding Dress Collection, models are all wearing such a cute white lace headwear, which makes the entire collection funny and cute.

However, Reem Arca, who takes the practicability of wedding dresses into consideration, has made the wedding gowns suitable for brides to wear. The wedding dresses alone are all traditional and luxuriant.

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2011 Bridal Dress Collection — Linea Raffaelli

Category : Vision

The 2011 Bridal Collection from the Belgian clothing designer Linea Raffaelli is carefully chosen to offer a selection of classic and timeless gowns. Each one creates its own distinct and unique impression intended to accentuate a bride’s elegance and beauty.

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With a focus on texture, fluidity and romance, Linea Raffaelli are sure to inspire, bringing taffetas, tulles and textured silks together to form a fantastic collection.

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2011 Bridal Dress Collection — Jenny Packham

Category : Vision

Today the editor is really excited to introduce you to the new Jenny Packham Bridal 2011 Wedding Dress Collection direct from the New York catwalk. Featuring glamorous wedding gowns elegantly embellished with exquisite sequin and jeweled details, Packham’s latest bridal wear collection is sure to have any bride-to-be feeling a million dollars on her wedding day.

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Jenny Packham’s Spring/Summer 2011 wedding dress collection is inspired by the Ballet Russes and Paris in the 1930s. The collection by Jenny Packham feature luxurious layers of cascading diaphanous tulle, soft balletic silhouettes and romantic pleated tulle corsetry. Elements of antique champagne golds and tarnished silvers on molten liquid satins combining together produce a stunning and memorable wedding dress collection.

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2011 Bridal Dress Collection — Carolina Herrera

Category : Vision

Venezuelan designer Carolina Herrera is one of the leading lights in women’s fashion and also bridal wear, who is an international success story thanks to her enterprising spirit and distinct style.

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Caroline Herrera has always taken inspiration from the women of the past and their influence on paintings, photographs, literature and sculpture. She recreates shapes, looks and colors in her dresses, thus creating unique pieces that bring surprisingly fresh new looks to bridal.

The Carolina Herrera 2010 bridal collection reflected the art of painters such as Van Gogh o Velázquez, but in 2011 she’s concentrated on female creators, such as Frida Kahlo, Georgia O’Keefe o Jane Austen, among others.

Let’s take a look at the Carolina Herrera 2011 wedding dresses collection.

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Colors of Bridesmaid Dresses

Category : Wedding Dresses

As the second focus of attention, the bridesmaid dress needs to be attractive as well. The traditional colors like white or ivory has been out of the trend. Then try some colorful dresses to add new rigor for the wedding. Now I’ve sorted five colors to make you the most beautiful bride.

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Rose pink—passionate and romantic

No matter the fabric is satin or chiffon, they can both show the traits of rose pink. Both noble satin and the soft chiffon are suitable for the wedding party.

It will be better if there are some rose pink decorations on the bride’s wedding dress. You can also choose a white dress and add a rose pink belt or flower pattern on the dress.

Yellow—graceful and high-profile

This shining yellow color can attract much more attention especially the satin fabric can make the color dazzling. However we need to notice that the more yellow fabric we use, the deeper the yellow color should be. You should also avoid using too much yellow fabric in case it feels serious and old. The best length is just over the knees. This kind of dress can look more fantastic if you wear some shining accessories.

It is best for the bridesmaid to wear a yellow dress when the bride’s wedding dress is white or yellow too, because this color may be shining too much on the wedding.

Green—classic and affable

Green is the best color to represent spring. It can be used in the dress because of its freshness and elegance. Not like the yellow color, green can be used widely on the dress. A strapless dress, halter dresses or backless with high neckline can all make a green dress graceful and sexy.

Apple green and mint green are both optional for the bride. It is fresh and elegant as well as cute. If using satin or chiffon fabric, the dress can feel much more stylish. A pearl necklace or a small diamond can make the green dress fabulous.

Blue—clean and naïve

Blue is popular color for the bridesmaid dresses this season. It’s better to make a short and simple dress in blue, which can avoid the sense of serious. When choosing the fabric, chiffon and silk can be taken into your consideration. A blue lattice dress is good but you need choose the fabric properly, because the fabric can be too shining to be respectful.

Pink with flowers—romantic and pretty

The pink stands for romance and it can of course be used on the dress. However, it can also be dangerous because the sense of pretty will make the guests feel immature. So you need to think it over when you decide whether the dress is dark or light pink. A pink lattice dress can also be fashionable and nice.

You need avoid wearing too many heavy or dark accessories. Pearls and crystals which are light can be the best choice for you.

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Ruching Wedding Gowns Highlight the Bride’s Perfect Figure

Category : Wedding Dresses

Except for the fabric used in the wedding dress designing, the ruching designing has been another test for the designers. A ruching wedding dress with appropriate lines can highlight the bride’s body figure and make a bride perfectly glamorous. Now let’s see a series of perfect brides in ruching wedding gowns.

With proper outlines, a ruching wedding dress can set off the bride’s elegance and grace naturally.

Skillfully designed ruching will not make a sense of heaviness on the entire dress. Instead, the ruffles on the neck and waist make the bride tall and stunning.

Anne Barge, who is one of the most topnotch designers in the world, has attached importance to the ruching on the dress in the new range. With making the lower skirt decorated with floral ruffles, the dress makes the bride glamorous like a flower.

The strapless style accentuates the sexy collarbone of the bride. And the tiered ruching matches with the high-waist designing, setting off the bride’s slender figure.