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Proposal in Four Romantic Ways

Category : Wedding Dresses

There are many gentlemen making proposals to the ladies they love every day. You can make a proposal in different ways and each way can bring different effects. Today four romantic ways will be introduced and choose your own to express your love to your honey.

Romantic proposal emerges in sports. If your girlfriend loves sports, you can make a proposal to her by standing at the top of the mountain after one day of mountain climbing. You can also choose to propose to her in deep water when both of you are diving.

Romantic proposal emerges in video. You girlfriend can be easily moved if you can make a proposal video for her. The atmosphere will be better if she can watch it together with you.

Romantic proposal emerges in “threats” in the sky. When both of you are in one plane, you can ask the captain to convey your proposal through radio wave to your girlfriend and she will be lost in happiness and surprise. The proposal can go like this “Now we are in the sky of New York, and will reach the destination in 40 minutes. By the way, Mr. Green asked if Miss Ann accept him to be her life partner.” Watched by other people around you, your girlfriend will surely give the answer you want –Yes, I do.

Romantic proposal emerges in the highway. One day your girlfriend is driving home. All of a sudden, she raises her head and finds the familiar leather shoes advertisement on the billboard ahead has been change into “Ann, I’m ready for a life-long commitment. Are you?” Ann will not be the only one to see that “advertisement” and the drivers or passengers are all witness and they will wish you a success. Hope they will not crash into the board when they are watching the billboard.

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The Ring on Different Fingers

Category : Wedding Dresses

Every couple like to wear rings but we should pay attention that wearing rings in different ways can tell different information.

In daily life, wearing ring on different fingers has different meanings. Wearing ring on the thumb means that the ring can help you realize your dream and lead you to success; Wearing ring on the forefinger means you will be positive and independent, and this wearing method matches people with free jobs; Wearing ring on the middle finger will make you become the focus of others and make you more attractive; Wearing ring on the ring finger can relax yourself and calm you down because it is said that the finger is connected to the heart; Wearing ring on the little finger means something unexpected may happen. This wearing method matches people working in fashion circle.

Wearing ring is an expression of love and the ring is usually put on the left ring for most people tend to do things with their right hands. No ring on the finger means that you are not being in love with anyone during this period and others can express their love to you. If you are looking for your love, you need to notice these following points: 1. Wearing rings on the thumb. This wearing method means you are looking for your love; 2. Wearing ring on the forefinger means you want to be engaged with one girl or one boy; 3. Wearing ring on the idle finger means you have already been engaged and have a girlfriend or boyfriend now: 4. Wearing ring on the ring finger means you have already been married and have your life partner now: 5. Wearing finger on the little finger means you want to be solitary or you have been experienced a divorce. Please make sure that you don’t wear the ring on your little finger when you are pursuing your love.

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The Wedding Gloves

Category : Wedding Dresses

According to traditions, most brides tend to wear wedding gloves on their wedding ceremony. But a small number of brides keep themselves away from wedding accessory because they have a thought that wearing or taking off the gloves will be a big trouble for the ring on the finger. In fact, a pair of well matched wedding gloves will beautify the bride in the wedding dress and make the bride noble and grand.

The gloves became popular in the age of Elizabeth and then were appreciated again in 1930s and 1940s. At that time, women need to wear gloves in any formal occasions, or they would leave others an impression of frivolousness. Although in nowadays, wearing the wedding gloves or not is personal choice, but the noble wedding gloves are still necessities for a great number of brides.

The gloves can be made from a lot of material, including silk, satin, cotton and even leather. Gloves made from different material can match wedding ceremonies of different feeling. Despite of the material, the wedding dresses of different styles need different gloves and the basic principles are as below:

The wedding dress with short sleeve needs to be matched by the gloves with a length to the wrist; the vest dress with wide straps needs to be matched by the gloves with a length to the elbow; the wedding dress with no strap should be matched by the gloves with a length above the elbow.

If you wear a long sleeve wedding dress, you’d better not wear gloves, and if you really need to, you can wear the gloves with short length.

If you think your arms are too strong, maybe a pair of the gloves with a length above the elbow is not a good choice. If you are short or your arms are short and under the standard, shorter gloves will be better for you.

Remember to take off the gloves when welcoming the guests, saying goodbye to the guests and having dinner. Or you will be found wearing gloves all the time during the ceremony from all the photos taken by others.

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Your Wedding Vows

Category : Wedding Dresses

Wedding vows, which play an important role in your wedding ceremony, are some words you should said when you get married. You must feel excited and romantic when the vows come out of your mouth one by one firmly and solemnly. At that moment, the bride and the bridegroom can express their love to each other and according to traditions, this is the only chance for them to do that in the ceremony. So a lot of couples tend to write their unique wedding vows and spend much time and effort in doing that great thing in their life. They hope their vows can be special and impress their life partner and guests.

Some couples with great talent can write beautiful vow but others can’t. These people who can not write the vows they want needn’t have great pressure. Just remember that wedding vows express your true love and you will make a success if it moves your life partner. The vows should be spontaneous, but if you still can not write some words which can truly express your love, you can look for other vows written by some other couples. Don’t cope what other couples wrote, just change it to be your own version and let the vows express the love you want to express.

The vows should have a medium length – although you feel happy time are short, the guest don’t think so. But the vows of such length should contain enough meaning and some standard sentences, such as “ I the bridegroom (bride) take you to be my wife (husband)”. These standard words of the vows can not be removed. But  you can write your own words which are full of your love, happiness and care after these standard words.

At last, after you write nice wedding vows, you just need to wait for that important day to come and declare your vows to your life partner in a firm tone.

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Maternity Wedding Dresses

Category : Wedding Dresses

You may treat your wedding day as the most important day in your life. Most brides can have fit dress on themselves, and show the guests their charming beauty. But if you are pregnant, can you wear the beautiful wedding dress on that most important day and prove that you are the most beautiful bride in the world? Yes, you can. Reaching that goal, you need to do is choose a suitable dress. You should realize how long you have been pregnant before you go to order one wedding dress. A maternity dress is not a necessity for the pregnant bride in her first trimester. But if you have been in pregnancy for more than 3 months, you just need a maternity wedding that is customized for you. A-line dresses and empire line gowns are two good choices for pregnant brides. Never take the tight fitting ball gowns or other similar dresses into consideration

How to choose a wedding dress if you are pregnant? Choosing a suitable style of the wedding dress is the first step. Then the bride should make a choice of the fabric and color of the dress. Different seasons need different fabric. Remember that the dress you put on must keep you comfortable. Most brides would like to choose white color as their wedding dress color and you can also make the same choice. Any other light color is also ok for you.

After you make a decision for what to wear, where can you find what you want? The internet contains a lot of information for maternity dresses. Some websites have their special style of wedding dress or special customization service for pregnant brides. Wedding specialty stores are good places for you if you are worried about buying the wedding dress on the Internet. Please be sure that you give the accurate information of your size. You can also spend more money in asking a tailor to make self-service for you and the dress he makes for you will definitely fit you well.

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Wedding guest book embellishes your wedding

Category : Wedding Dresses

Comparing with its monotonous look in the past, the wedding guest book has owned various styles. Silk cover, pulp cover and lace cover are three common covers of the attendance guest book. By seeing and touching these covers, you can definitely feel something different. Accompanied with satin knot and pearl, the silk cover of white, pink and champagne will give a full expression of the bride’s elegancy. The bride and groom need to keep one point in mind that the wedding guest book should be “vivid and lively”.

Where to put the wedding guest book

The wedding book should surely be put in the wedding venue. And no matter where the wedding guest book is put, you should ask someone to take charge of it. Your friends, the receptionist and relatives can do you a favor at this moment. You’d better prepare two books for a large number of guests to make sure that every guest has enough time to send their best wishes to you. An important thing which you must do at first is that asking the florist to make a perfect decoration of the first focus of the wedding venue – the reception table. The florist should bring a grand appearance for the table and leave convenience for the guests.

Creation of the wedding guest book

You need to have a unique idea on the book if you want to give the guests a surprise ahead of their entrance. A unique idea makes a unique wedding. You can either put a transparent plastic box at the entrance, and then the guests can put their written cards into it, or you can have a blessing tree in the venue so that the guests can hang their written cards on it. You can also ask the guests to leave their signatures and wishes on the four edges of your poster-size engagement photo. You can even ask some friends to take photos of each guest and have the guests’ message left on photos, then paste these photos on a huge display panels. Everyone must be curious about what others write. When the wedding ceremony finishes, you can put these photos into your album and let these beautiful memory live with you in the rest of your life.

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Popular Beach Wedding Dress – The Goddess Gown

Category : Wedding Dresses

The beach is among the most romantic wedding locales. Beach weddings look casual despite of time and condition. In fact, a successful beach wedding is really a great triumph and that triumph will make you outstanding like shinning stars in the sky. The only thing you won’t have to worry about is your dress – what you just need to do is to stay with sun, sand, and surf in mind.

A romantic beach wedding doesn’t need a wedding dress of lace-heavy, high-drama. With such dresses on their bodies, you must melt under all those layers of fabric. A beach wedding dress should be practical. Even it is practical, it can still change you into the focus of attention.

Influenced by the graceful tunics of Greek statuary, a goddess gown brings images of rising Aphrodite from the sea. A classic goddess gown reminds us of a halter neck or simple straps, a waistline an inch or so above the natural waist, and yards of elegantly draped fabric.

The special Goddess dress embodies you with beauty. You appropriate look in this style makes it possible for yourselves to share the youth of Demeter and the wisdom of Athena.

The goddess dress would be a good choice for a Mediterranean wedding or for any bride if they want to have the feeling of being a goddess on her wedding day.

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Lovely and Bright Colors for Your Wedding

Category : Wedding Dresses

In the year 2011, there’re new trends of the wedding colors. Have you decided which colors
you prefer for your wedding? Lovely, powerful, strong, or classic? We’ll introduce
the wedding color trends recently.

Today we’ll show some lovely and bright colors for your reference. If you want your wedding in the theme colors you can try and combinate the colors below.

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How to Create Your Own Funny Vows

Category : Wedding Dresses

“I, William Arthur Philip Louis, take thee, Catherine Elizabeth to my wedded wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse: for richer, for poorer; in sickness and in health; to love and to cherish, till death us do part, according to God’s holy law; and thereto I give thee my troth.”

“I, Catherine Elizabeth, take thee, William Arthur Philip Louis, to my wedded husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse: for richer, for poorer; in sickness and in health; to love and to cherish, till death us do part, according to God’s holy law; and thereto I give thee my troth.”

If you are fans of royal wedding, absolutely you’ll familiar with the above vows. Yes, that’s vows of Prince William and his wife Catherine Middleton.  You may not want your vows such formal. Sometimes funny vows will make your wedding more colorful! Especially for non-traditional wedding, funny vows are getting popular nowadays.

Weddings vows can still be sincere even if you add a little humor in it. Just make sure that what you have to say is wholesome and would not offend your partner or your guests. Stay away from funny liners related to sex.

You can forge an idea or two for your funny wedding vows by comparing your character and personality with your partner’s. You can compare your habits and point out an opposite behavior in your partner. It is good to know that even with such opposite characteristics, it did not hinder you from loving each other.

You can begin creating your funny wedding vows weeks or months before the event so that you would come up with something perfect. Make sure that you let the officiating minister check your funny wedding vows to get clearance if you can say it during the ceremony.

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How To Save Money on Outdoor Garden Weddings

Category : Wedding Dresses

As we all know, outdoor garden weddings in warm seasons can be a little pricy. Flowers, decorations, good photographer, DJ or band, food… All of these preparations can cost much if you don’t know how to tighten your purse-strings.

1. Flowers. You can buy them at a local supermarket and make your own bouquet. DIY your wedding items are popular nowadays. And you can invite your girls to help you with your wedding party. They can help make some fabulous centerpieces for the table. Don’t feel that it’s embarrassed, on the contrary, all of you will have a good memory and you’ll find it’s meaningful.

2. Decorations. You can hang some decoration lights or ribbon through and around nearby trees. And you can place the candles in dark areas, which will have the starry and romantic effect.

3. Photographers. Before going out and hire the expensive photographer, you can try to find if there’re good friends or family members who are good at taking photos. Use a digital camera to catch all the special moments.

4. Music. You can try to use the pre-recorded music instead of hiring a DJ or band. That’ll save you some money and you can have control over the music as well.

5. Cake. You can try serving an assortment of cupcakes instead of a wedding cake. Since it’s a garden wedding, you can come up with some interesting ideas and try different things. Cupcakes will satisfy everyone and cleaning up will be very simple.