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Prince Georg’s Wedding Ceremony

Category : Wedding Dresses

On August 27th of 2011, the German Prince Georg Friedrich Ferdinand of Prussia held a wedding ceremony in Potsdam Church. There were only a small number of guests attending the ceremony. As unorthodox royal members, the prince and the princess didn’t choose to hold a luxurious ceremony. And the whole ceremony was watched by the nation through TV.

The bride’s wedding dress is designed by Wolfgang Joop, the creator of the German brand – Wunderkind. Although the wedding dress is designed with long sleeves, white color and train at the back, the neckline and the ruffles at the hem shows it is definitely different from other dresses. The characteristic of shirts and daily dresses is added to the wedding dress and shows pragmatic features. The bride’s soft and gentle temperament is actually strengthened by this kind of design.

Prince Georg Friedrich Ferdinand is the great-great-grand son of Kaiser Wilhelm II, the last emperor of the German Prussian dynasty.

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Weekday Wedding Ceremony—Money Saving Ceremony

Category : Wedding Dresses

Wedding ceremony needs to be supported by a lot of money, and no one can avoid to spending money when holding it. But you can cut the expense and save some money because you need them for the love campaign after the ceremony.

In weekends, most people escape working and have a holiday. Most bride-to- be and bridegroom-to-be tend to hold wedding ceremonies at weekends. So you’d better not to learn from them and choose to hold you wedding day for most catering companies will ask for a higher price for normal service they always provide.

The only problem you will likely confront when arranging a weekday wedding is the attending rate. People need to work and deal with other businesses, so make a list to show how many people can be able to come to your wedding and you need to inform them.

Weekday weddings are really special and meaning for most couples. You don’t need to take the budget table out before buying everything you need and you can buy what you want with less money, just due to promotion campaign for a weekday!

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Planning your wedding ceremony

Category : Wedding Dresses

How to make a good plan of your wedding ceremony? For it is your big day and you need it to be without any problems. Today we will introduce some tips for you to plan your wedding ceremony.

1. Know the scale of your wedding ceremony. You should know how many people you want to invite and where should the wedding ceremony should be held. Or you will hold a big wedding ceremony in a small hotel with a large amount of people.

2. Know the flowers you will use. You are going to require flowers for the ceremony, for the wedding reception, as bouquets, boutonniere’s and or corsage’s.

3. Know the music you will need. You need to know the guest’s interest and invite some people to play the special music for your distinguished guests. The music plays all the time, from the beginning to the end, so it should be no problem with the music you choose.

4. Plan the photographs you will take. You need to document the whole process of your wedding ceremony and the happiness and wish from the guests. So you need to invite a professional company to help you document this happy moment.

5. Choose good time when it is convenient in transportation. You need some time to go to the avenue. So make sure it is convenient for you to get to the holding spot and arrive there on time.

Here are some tips, are you ready to carry them out? Just do it now.

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Vintage Feeling on Your Wedding Ceremony

Category : Wedding Dresses

In modern time, an increasing number of people tend to add fashionable feelings to their wedding ceremonies. If you want your wedding ceremony to be different, just go in the opposition and choose the vintage one. But how? Today we will give you some tips. Pleasebe ready to get what you need.

Preparing a lace veil

The lace material also gives people a vintage feeling and if the bride wears a veil of lace on the wedding ceremony, she will get all attention from the guests including men and women, old and young. It always works, if you don’t believe, just have a try and you will have a new idea on it.

Wearing a Brooch

Brooches are always used to decorate your outfit and they own vintage flair. The brooch with feather will definitely be a good choice. It brings a perfect vintage flair if you can wear it on your dress or your hair.

Taking an obsolete horse-drawn carriage

Do you hate to see the same luxurious car line for a wedding ceremony? But at the very least I do and I know most people are fed up with this too. So just take a horse-drawn carriage and you will be remembered by all the people attending your ceremony. You were the queen of 18th centuries

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A Perfect Plan for Your Honeymoon

Category : Wedding Dresses

After the wedding ceremony, the honeymoon will be the next thing you need to consider. There may be only one honeymoon in your whole life and it is necessary for you to make a perfect plan of it. Today we will introduce some points for you.

Make a Budget

You need to know how much it will cost for your wedding ceremony. If you don’t, you might be shocked when seeing the price tag on the trip you have planned.

Get to know you’re the destination

Make sure you have a study on the place you will go to. Find out about great interests you are interested in, cheap restaurants, a good route and more. More knowledge of the destination, less mistakes you will make.

Get early tickets

The airline tickets for some hot places are usually popular and sell quickly, especially in holidays and festivals. If you bought a ticket at the last minute, it will be more expensive than early ones. When you get an idea of where you are going, just try to get the ticket as fast as you can!

Do as we tell you and you will get a memorable honeymoon.

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Money-saving Wedding Reception

Category : Wedding Dresses

If you have ever participated in planning a wedding before, you can know how luxurious it is. But the wedding is a very important day of your life, so while you try to save money, high quality should also be taken into consideration. You can have a memorable wedding reception if you plan it according to the instructions we introduce to you today.

One place for reception

Try best to hold your wedding and the reception in only one place. This will help you save much money for many hotels have a promotion campaign to offer a discount if you book more than one room one time.

Musicians not so professional

Some live music is necessary in the reception. You don’t need to invite the expensive wedding band. Now there are many young musicians playing music in the bars, and you just need to have a touch with them and pick the excellent out. They won’t ask for so much money as the wedding band does.

DIY for your reception

It always costs a lot of money to have someone make decorations of your wedding reception. If you want to save money and make the reception unique, just try to decorate by yourself. All these materials you need are available in the store. What you need to do is going out and having a happy shopping.

Is a wedding reception on approach?  Just keep calm and take actions as we have told you.

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Fabric of Dresses

Category : Wedding Dresses

Every bride wants to wear a beautiful dress on her wedding ceremony for that will keep the memory fresh in the rest of her life. Before choosing a wedding dress, as a bride, you should first know which fabric is good for yourself. Today we will introduce some points useful for you to choose the fabric of the dress.

The common fabrics which are often used are:

TULLE: This fabric is often used for the veils. It can also be used in wedding gowns.

TAFFETA: Taffeta is a stiff, medium weight woven fabric that is made from silk. And this fabric is usually used for formalwear.

SATIN: There are many different kinds of satin, such as: pure silk satin, duchesse satin, Carmeuse, shantung satin, thick satin and others. And most people feel best on matte satin.

LACE: There are various kinds of lace. Usually if you want to have a look of vintage, you can choose a gown made of lace. But for a modern look, lace should not be a good choice.

CHIFFON: This fabric is absolutely made from silk or synthetic silk. The outer layer on the skirt of the wedding dress is usually made of this fabric. This kind of fabric is less stiff than tulle. When you want to buy transparent sleeves or wraps, this fabric should be your first priority.

Have you got some useful information? If you do, we hope you can make a right choice next time when choosing to buy your dress.

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Women’s Necessity-Pearls

Category : Wedding Dresses

Do you want to be more outstanding than other women? Pearls will do you a great favor. The luster and radiance of pearls has captured the hearts of many individuals. Almost every female are fond of wearing a string of pearls. Especially when you give it to your bride as a wedding gift, she must keep this memory all her rest life.

But most people can not afford the expensive pearls. Then you can try rice pearls. They have the luster of the more expensive pearls at a lower price. Besides they have various colors, more than one white color of most pearls. You can buy many rich pearls and make a decoration by yourself.

Before wearing the pearls, women should to how to choose them. Different situation need to be matched with different pearls. If you are going to attend a ceremony, you can wear the white and radiant pearls, but the pears should not be more radiant than that around the bride’s neck; if you are going to a party, you can wear the radiant pearls of various color which will certainly help you attract others’ attention. You will be the queen of the party and admired by the male guests. So just wear your pears and be the queen.

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Choice of a Wedding Song

Category : Wedding Dresses

Choice of a Wedding Song

Songs are popular in our daily life and the song is also necessary for a wedding ceremony. The guests need to relax themselves by enjoying the wedding song. Today we will teach you how to choose a perfect song for your wedding ceremony.

Theme matched:

The theme of the song should be able to express your love for the guests and your husband. If you choose a common song and it can not move the guests, the wedding ceremony will be a big failure because no one feels it is really a wedding ceremony.

Good classics:

Today an increasing number of people are fond of pop music. It seems that the classic music is fading away from people’s sight. But if there are more older guests attending your wedding ceremony, the classic music will be the priority for you. The older guests will be brought to their past and be deeply moved.

Fresh memory:

The wedding ceremony is a great event for both you and your husband. So you need to choose a song that both of you two fell in love with. Is it the song played in the café where you have made your first date? Is it song you heard when you express your love for him? The song you choose should tell what happened in your past and what will take place in your future.

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Wedding Flowers

Category : Wedding Dresses

Wedding flowers are indispensible for a wedding ceremony. Many brides-to-be are very confused before picking the right wedding flowers out. Today we will introduce some points for you to choose right flowers.

(a) To ensure safety of the flowers.

No one would like to choose wilted flowers used for their wedding ceremony. But when you choose the fresh flowers you should take the weather and temperature into consideration. For example, you need to make sure the flowers won’t be burnt by the sun of summer season and won’t be swept down by the strong wind in winter season. Or one minute ago the flower is in your hand, but next minute it has gone away.

(b) To be unique.

All brides-to-be want their wedding ceremonies to be unique, but have you prepared the unique flowers? Roses and carnations are over seen at the wedding ceremonies just because people are accustomed to do that. But no change, no unique look. You need to consider mixing these two flowers with other blooms, you can tie lace, ribbon and some other things to the flower and a fantastic look just attracts your attention.

(c) To match the theme.

Some flowers always have their own symbols for some certain things. For example, tulips own the meaning of passion and gardenias mean joy. You just need to choose the right flowers that can perfectly express your deep love for your honey.

Now you can begin to choose the right flowers with the guidance of the instructions above.