How to reserve your wedding dress?

reserve your wedding dress
reserve your wedding dress

After the wedding ceremony, most of us will reserve the wedding dresses for the rest of our life. But the reservation of wedding dress is quite different from that of other special garments. Here are some tips for cleaning and protection of wedding dresses:

Different fabrics have different reservation methods.

When buying the wedding dress, you could obtain all information about the fabric and the beading works of the dress. These will help you a lot in your wedding dresses reservation.

Wash your wedding dress with water!

Since chemistry material will destroy the beading decorations on the dress, the best way to wash wedding dress is washing the dress in water with mild and neutral cleaner. You could let the dress sink in the water for a while and then you could get a quite clean dress.

It is very terrible to hang up wedding dress.

After the cleaning and drying, you could reserve the dress. It should be put to a cool and dry place, such as your closet or under your bed. Please remember: do not hang up your dress. Since years by years, the dress will be lengthened or even be torn down by the gravity.

Reservation Tips:

There are still two points that accounts: firstly, you must wash your hand before going to reserve the dress; then you could twist the hoops when you reserving the dress. But when air clothes in the closet, you need to reconvert the hoops in case the hoops will lose the flexibility.

Right Bra for the big day

The wedding ceremony is an important event for a bride. Every detail accounts. You need to choose a right bra for the big day.

right bra for the big day
right bra for the big day

Daily worn bras of 3/4 cup, 1/2 cup and full cup are all have slight shaping functions. They are fit for fashionable brides who have obvious S-shape figures. When you have decided the wedding dress that you will wear in the ceremony, you could ensure the style and color of your bra according to the dress color.

The shape of cup should match with the bust cutting of the dress. What’s more, you could wear your under outside. As for brides wearing A-B bras, you could choose 3/4 cup bras. C cup could choose 1/2 cup. Brides with small busts need to choose thicken full cup bras. While thinner full cup bras are first choice for brides who wear D cup or larger bras.

Wedding dresses-concise but never common

concise wedding dress
concise wedding dress

With faster and faster pace of life, the wedding dresses are going to be more and more concise. Simple and elegant wedding dresses are becoming more and more popular for working women. They live in a tense and effective life style. So they would like dresses that could show their own personalities and tastes but not the ones with complicated design. They like relaxed and cozy feelings in their wedding ceremonies.

Wedding garments are more concise but never common. In fact, luxurious wedding dresses with beading work and laces only have small market nowadays. While simple wedding dresses would show the bridal beauty better. Having given up the complicated design, with exquisite cutting, those brief dresses could thoroughly show the pure and graceful air of the brides.

What’s more, if you think the dress is too simple, you could also do some changes by yourself. With some delicate flowers, you could do some decorations in your hair, on one shoulder, around waist or even on your shoes. These adornments will make you pretty special.

Wearing a simple wedding dress, you could move freely. If you want to show the confidence, just choose some concise and exquisite garments for your big day!

How could wedding garments match with complexion?

With different complexion, brides have to choose different garments accordingly. Here are some tips to choose garments for different colors of skin:

dresses for kinds of compleaxion
dresses for kinds of compleaxion


1. Fair skin

You could choose garments in pink. And in order to avoid a sense of inharmonic, you’d better not choose some heavy colors, such as red, black etc.

2. Dark healthy skin

You could choose garments in bright colors to create the healthy image and to match with the complexion. At the same time, please try to give up the pink colors which would be darkened by the dark skin.

3. Yellowish skin

Generally, the yellowish skin gives people an unhealthy feeling. Thus you’d better choose garments in some modest colors. Only when you have a good-shaped face, you could choose garments with complicated decorations.

How to choose the color of groomsman and bridesmaid garments?

It is important to choose suitable garments for groomsman and bridesmaid. Firstly, the style should not be too exaggerated. Secondly, the colors should not be too outstanding. Otherwise, they will steal the thunder in the wedding ceremony. Here we will talk about garments in three most popular colors.

groomsman and bridesmaid dresses
groomsman and bridesmaid dresses

1. Tips to choose pink garments

Pink is an essential color for the wedding ceremony. But too flamboyant pink will lose the sense of elegance. So you need to pay Tips to the shade of the pink.

Garments for groomsman:

Lighter pink could be used for large area to strengthen the whole visual impression. But for the smaller area, you could use grey or soft colors.

Garments for bridesmaid:

Since a bridesmaid is an important female role in the ceremony, garments should show her maturity. So when pink is used for the large area, the styles of garments should be graceful but not too fluffy. You may choose dresses of silk or satin to add some romance.

2. Tips to choose yellow garments

Dazzling yellow could bring different effects with different shades. So you need to be aware of the color contrast between lightness and saturation:

Garments for groomsman:

Garments should show modest. Ties, waistcoats and shirts are all best accessories. They’d better to be simple, smooth and clean. You could also choose garments with some yellow adornments to match with bridesmaid garments. It could be brighter than the color of bridesmaid garments, but it still should be clean yellow.

Garments for bridesmaid:

Light yellow could be used in chiffon and tulle. You do not need to cover large area of the body to present light and flyaway feelings.

3. Tips to choose green garments

As for the color of green, it could give people feelings of different weights. You could choose styles with straps or without straps to produce an extreme effect, which will be elegant and sexy at the same time.

Light and elegant green is the most popular color for the spring wedding ceremony. Light green could be used widely. It is also suitable to be used largely in garments.

But green color should not be used for large area of the groomsman garments. It could be used as decorations on ties, pockets and trims of shirts or to match with the green subject of the wedding ceremony.