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Sheath wedding dresses highlighting bride contour

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The once-in-a-lifetime wedding should really impress yourself and the guests. So how can you select a perfect wedding gown for yourself? Well, a sheath wedding dress can be a good option to you.

This sheath wedding dress looks elegant. The strapless style and the lace halter band make it look sexy. The entire dress is made with flower embroidery on the dress and the bottom of the dress is edged with flower embroidery as well, which accentuates the wedding gown delicately and exquisitely.

The big-V sheath wedding dress with a small train sets off the bride’s sexiness naturally. If you are not a cutie pie bride, this dress can be perfect for you. Though the tall brides can be perfect for a sheath wedding dress, you can wear a pair of high-heel shoes if you are not tall enough.

The strapless sheath wedding gown makes the bride so sexy. The slim waist designing and the Semi-cathedral train matches with each other; the long train is made in satin and gauze and makes the entire dress feel floaty.

The high-waist V-neck sheath wedding gown sets off the bride’s elegance and grace explicitly. And the white embroidery flowers make the tail of the dress extremely noble.

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Six kinds of wedding dress sleeves making you stunning

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The sleeve of a wedding dress can be outstanding to a wedding gown. Though a strapless wedding dress is popular among brides because it can show the sexy shoulder and collarbone of the bride, a wedding gown with special designed sleeves can show your individuality and even cover the deficiency of your wide shoulder. Today, go and have a look at the six kinds of special designed sleeves of Fall and Winter Collection of 2011 in New York Fashion Week.

Reem Arca

The strapless princess dress with two long gauze sleeves brings a sense of white blush, making the bride’s sexiness vaguely shown.


This dress with raglan sleeves highlights the skinny collarbone. The mermaid style flatters the bride’s contour explicitly. We can’t deny that the dresses of Monique can always feel dynamic.

Reem Arca

The short raglan sleeves made in gauze and decorated by embroidery build a sense of elegance and nobleness. Plus, the slot designing on the chest looks unique and charming.

Elie Saab

The three-quarter sleeves and deep-V neckline in the mermaid style dress feels refined.

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Plus Size Prom Dresses

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Plus size women are curvy, luxurious and sheer beauties. Here we provide some general tips for choosing plus size prom dress for prom 2011, and a collection of great plus size prom dresses.

1. Cut, fit and design:

The first thing you want to make sure is that the dress fits your measurements very well. Properly cut and patterned prom dresses can hide your flaws and enhance your strength, magically.

Always avoid mermaid and shealth style prom dresses because they are designed to be tight-fitting. Do not always choose very loose prom dresses just because you think you are plus size. Baggy prom dresses hide everything, so they don’t show your proud parts either.

2. Highlight a part of our body:

Most of us like to highlight a particular part of our body when compared to other body parts and try not to highlight many parts as it may look odd. In case of good looking legs wear a slimming skirt that falls above the knees and for a slim waist wear a belt over the cardigan, long sweater or on the dress. Try choosing materials which suits our body so that it does not expose any particular part sluggishly.

If you have sexy legs, you may want to shop high lows prom dresses with front split skirts; if you want to show off your shoulder, consider off-shoulder prom dresses, or one-shoulder prom dresses; On the other hand, you might hesitate to show butterfly arms, in this case you may consider prom dresses with a jacket or scarf. A prom dress with jacket gives you a more matured appearance too.

3. Choosing the right color:

Bright and light colors give a slimmer appearance when wear paired with dark colors. For example, a white colored top paried with a black skirt will look very flattering. Try choosing solid colors instead of a mix of many colors, go for large patterns over small patterns as it draws attention to troublesome parts.

4. Less is more:

The principle applies to plus size prom dress shopping as well. Simplicity is very important for plus sized clothes. Don’t go for too much beadings, spangles, embroideries, ruches, etc. Avoid shinny printed pattern prom dresses. Prints prom dresses tend to use complex mix of colors and patterns.

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Prom Dresses 2011 Trend

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Are you already thinking about preparing for prom 2011? Or does it sounds like a preparation nightmare to you? Indeed, choosing a perfect dress for prom 2011 from tens of popular online prom dress shops and hundreds of brands and designers is truly painful. The choices are nearly endless.

Will prints still be a hot thing to go for? Fashion is like tide. Come soon and go quickly. I personally would turn away from those shiny and sparkling prints. My opinion: although some may still go for prints fabric prom dresses in prom 2011, keep in mind not to overlook the impact of the classic prom dress that could make you be the belle of the ball on prom night. If you look at the history of prom dress fashion in the past decades, classic prom dress designs that uses Satin, Chiffon, and Taffeta always dominated the market. A few basic things to consider in choosing prom dresses needs to be your body type, gown style and color. Continue to comprise a fair share of collections for their inherent imperfections. If you insist on a prints prom dresses, keep in mind that it tends to work better on tall girls.

Overall, dresses for prom 2011 are focused on the color, blending some of the runway trends, as well as the ultimate red carpet style. From fashionable and short cocktail dresses to floor-length ball gown type of puffy prom dresses, editor has compiled a few of the top prom dresses of 2011.

Always remember that the perfect prom dress is Always fit and comfortable to wear. So if time allows, have your prom dress custom made to your exact measurements.

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Bridesmaid Collection Fall 2011 – Amsale Abrerra

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Now, it’s time to turn to our attention to the group of ladies who will make up your wedding party — your maids. Bridesmaid fashion has changed–A LOT–over the years. No longer is the wedding party limited to dated duds in scary colors…bridesmaid fashion has evolved and several designers are creating chic, party-ready dresses that your girls will want to wear again! Take a look at the bridesmaid collection for Fall 2011 from Amsale:

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Bridal Market – Amsale

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Amsale’s bridal collection is always a highlight of New York bridal market, and her bridesmaid collection is equally on point. To the proper tune of “Girls Just Want to Have Fun,” models strutted their stuff in simply chic silhouettes in a beautiful color palette of blues and purples. Navy was a predominant hue, while shades like “Ocean” and “Pacific” had me dreaming of a seaside sojourn! These dresses would be perfect for your girls if you’re planning on tying the knot at a beach destination. However, they’re equally sophisticated enough to suit a more formal ceremony. Details such as ruffles and rosettes, used sparingly, made these refined dresses ultra-special.

What color are your bridesmaids wearing to your wedding?

The special ruffles on the bodice accentuate the femininity of the bridesmaid.

Beautiful blue makes the bridesmaid elegant and refined.

Cute halter neckline flatters the sexy collarbones and shoulders.

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lace wedding dresses

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Wearing a white lace wedding gown, a bride will look definitely graceful and charming. However, the different wedding gowns can have various tastes and reveal the different aspects of the bride.

The floor-length dress with a satin pom pom skirt is alluring each bride’s heart. This strapless dress with flower patterns reveals the perfect contour of the bride.

This sexy and elegant silk wedding gown, which has the close cutting style on the upper dress, flatters the perfect body figure of the bride. However, the chapel train dress is more suitable on a tall bride than on a petite bride. And the ruching style can make the bride full of feminity.

This princess wedding gown sets off the bride’s contour perfectly. The skirt of this dress in a long ruching design, and the embossed flowers are the highlight of this dress.

This white sexy dress feels elegant and graceful. The sweep train is embossed with flower patterns and makes the entire dress floaty.

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Most popular wedding dresses in 2011

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There are a variety of wedding dresses on the fashion stage, which are all beautiful enough to let brides choose. Today the editor will introduce several long train wedding gowns to the brides. With delicate make-up and jewelry, you will be the most beautiful bride in this season!

The diamonds on the chest are the shining spotlights of this long train dress.

The hand embroidery on this backless cathedral train dress flatters the dress romantic and elegant.

The beadings on the chest make the entire gauze dress feel luxuriant and refined.

With the decoration of the embossed flowers on the skirt, the wedding dress looks royal and delicate.

The laces are the main decoration of this A-line princess long train wedding gown.

The halter backless cathedral train dress feels noble and graceful with the floral lace decorations.

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Bridesmaid dress colors in four seasons

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Choosing the proper color for your wedding gown in different seasons can make you an elegant and intellectual bride.

Following are some color matching solutions for your wedding dresses in different seasons.


The brides in spring feel warm, crystal and tidy.

The color of the wedding gown can neither be too dark nor too deep. Brides should choose a bright color in warm colors, and try to highlight your pretty by using contrastive lively color.

The best colors which can be suitable on a wedding gown in spring are coral, peach pink, beige, lemon, green, mint, turquoise and ivory. If you prefer red, you can choose orange red.


The brides look tender and fresh in summer. You can choose a cold color which feels bluish.

The brides with healthy skin, pink flush, light rose lip gloss and soft black hair can feel elegant and tender. It is suggested that brides choose pastel and simple colors, which can show their quietness. But you should avoid the colors with too much distinction. It is best to use different shades of a same color.

The best colors which can be suitable on a wedding gown in summer are pastel violet, blue, icy pink, emerald, rose pink, smoky mauve and milky white.


Brides in autumn feel mellow and graceful. The best color can be brownish warm colors.

Gold, orange and moss green are all deep and luxuriant colors in autumn. When you choose red color, try to choose the color similar to the dark orange or brick red. The color of brides in autumn should be mature, so the brighter the color is, the more mature the bride looks. And the deeper the color is, the more fair the bride’s skin looks.

The best colors which can be suitable on a wedding gown in autumn are all orange colors, grass green, maple red, golden brown, cameo brown and crystal cream.


The brides in winter look clear and quietly elegant, and they should choose cold colors.

Solid colors are the best choices for the brides. Actually, the colors in each country’s national flags are all suitable for the brides’ wedding gowns in winter. In four seasons, it is winter that is most suitable for brides to use black, white and grey. Purplish blue is also popular color to be used in winter. If you want to choose a red color, you can pick wine red or genuine rose red. But there must be a contrastive color when you choose a dark color dress.

The best colors which can be suitable on a wedding gown in winter are purplish blue, black, pure white, grey, wine red and rose red.

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headpieces for brides

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There is a Chinese saying that detail is the key of success. The headpieces of the bride can be vital for the bridal image. The editor has searched several popular headpieces for the brides.

Cage veil

These accessories are designed from the classic fashion and convenient to wear and take off. Once you wear the cage veil on your head, you become mature and fashionable.

Floral hair band

These decorative floral hair bands make your hair outstanding.

Changeable hair comb

A delicate hair comb can set off your elegance and grace.


No matter your hair is long or short, your hair can be charming immediately once you wear a diamond hairpin.

Beading hairpin

The biggest charm of those small beading hairpins is that they can make you decent and smart.

Waterfall veil

Each veil can make you elegant, but a long waterfall veil can elongate your body figure and make you slender.