How could wedding garments match with complexion?

With different complexion, brides have to choose different garments accordingly. Here are some tips to choose garments for different colors of skin:

dresses for kinds of compleaxion
dresses for kinds of compleaxion


1. Fair skin

You could choose garments in pink. And in order to avoid a sense of inharmonic, you’d better not choose some heavy colors, such as red, black etc.

2. Dark healthy skin

You could choose garments in bright colors to create the healthy image and to match with the complexion. At the same time, please try to give up the pink colors which would be darkened by the dark skin.

3. Yellowish skin

Generally, the yellowish skin gives people an unhealthy feeling. Thus you’d better choose garments in some modest colors. Only when you have a good-shaped face, you could choose garments with complicated decorations.

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