How to reserve your wedding dress?

reserve your wedding dress
reserve your wedding dress

After the wedding ceremony, most of us will reserve the wedding dresses for the rest of our life. But the reservation of wedding dress is quite different from that of other special garments. Here are some tips for cleaning and protection of wedding dresses:

Different fabrics have different reservation methods.

When buying the wedding dress, you could obtain all information about the fabric and the beading works of the dress. These will help you a lot in your wedding dresses reservation.

Wash your wedding dress with water!

Since chemistry material will destroy the beading decorations on the dress, the best way to wash wedding dress is washing the dress in water with mild and neutral cleaner. You could let the dress sink in the water for a while and then you could get a quite clean dress.

It is very terrible to hang up wedding dress.

After the cleaning and drying, you could reserve the dress. It should be put to a cool and dry place, such as your closet or under your bed. Please remember: do not hang up your dress. Since years by years, the dress will be lengthened or even be torn down by the gravity.

Reservation Tips:

There are still two points that accounts: firstly, you must wash your hand before going to reserve the dress; then you could twist the hoops when you reserving the dress. But when air clothes in the closet, you need to reconvert the hoops in case the hoops will lose the flexibility.

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