Usually a woman owns so many clothes over her life. Some are for daily life, some are for working, and some are for attending parties and so on. But when a woman wants to pick one out for tomorrow’s party, she begins to feel painful to choose and can’t make a decision. How to choose the color and what to match with? Today we will talk about the colors of the top party dresses for women.

top party dresses
top party dresses

Burgundy: when a woman in a long burgundy dress smiling, walking to you, I bet you will get lost and keeps your eyes on her. See, it is the magic power of burgundy. The color can make people think of the image of a mature and attractive woman. The top party dresses 2011 would be perfect with a single shoulder design and a pair of peep toe shoes.

Purple: purple is always regarded as the special color for the nobleness. With complicated laces and pieces, purple dresses look elegant and untouchable. But nowadays there is no taboo for this color. Na matter women or girls, with top purple party dresses on, you become the princess of the party. An all-up hairstyle to show your beautiful neck will help you to suit with the whole party dress.

Green: in common, top green party dresses are not public and frequently seen in a party. But, if someone wearing a green dress passes by, you can’t help to look at her for times. A green dress make the guests feel fresh as if a live, enthusiastic leaf and want to talk to the woman. The white or light silver shoes can be available.

There are so many colors for sweetheart top party dresses and I have just chosen three. The next time we will talk about the left. So, have a nice party.

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