Watteau trains

Watteau trains are named after 18th century French court painter Jean-Antoine Watteau because they are featured in so many of his paintings, which depict the most fashionable women of their day. Watteau trains differ from all of the other types of trains because they are attached to the gown at the shoulders instead of the waistline. A Watteau train flows down the back of the gown and gently sweeps the floor behind. This type of train is still occasionally seen on evening gowns, and was never associated exclusively with bridal attire.

Watteau trains
Watteau trains

Modern wedding dresses

Unlike wedding dresses in the past, modern wedding dresses emphasize more on conciseness and independence.

modern wedding dresses
modern wedding dresses


Wedding dresses in the past were usually very complicated and heavy to wear. Though the dresses would be very magnificent, they would make brides quite restricted and heavy.

While modern dresses are turning out to be as simple as possible. And brides could make dresses in much more styles, which could imply their tastes and personalities. Fewer and fewer brides are following trends too much. They want to show the beauty that comes from themselves but not want to follow others. Wearing dresses that are light, concise and high-qualified, brides are becoming more confident and more beautiful

In modern times, there are still traditional wedding dresses for many formal wedding ceremonies. You could just choose a wedding dress that is for your taste, no matter what kind of dress it is – traditional or modern.

Principles of wearing and matching wedding wraps

wedding wraps
wedding wraps

Five ways to wear wraps:

Hanging wraps down.

This is the most classic, common and tremendous way to wear wraps. People let two ends of wraps symmetrically hang on shoulders and flow down naturally in front of chest.

Buttoning wraps.

People will let wraps round over shoulders and fold the ends in front of chest and then stitch a delicate brooch. This way is a little formal. You could also pull the joint to one shoulder or the back, which will make you more charming and show your own personality.

Wrapping wraps.

You could wear large square or wide long wraps or wraps with slits in this way. Just let wraps rounding around your shoulders and arms and it could present the feelings of ease, satisfactory and quietness.

Wearing wraps like capes.

You could wear large or semicircular wraps in this way. It will give others romantic feelings which could be produced with large square or wide long wraps. But you’d better not choose any wraps made of heavy fabrics.

Creative ways to wear wraps.

You could dress up with your imagination. You could make a tie, pin some flowers into wraps or just wear them aggressively.

Tips of matching wraps:

  1. Wraps will match better with strapless or spaghetti straps wedding dresses. They’d better be made of the same fabrics which can present the better matching effects.
  2. If wedding dresses are complicated, you need a simple wrap to match with it. Otherwise, you could wear a luxurious wrap.
  3. It could make brides more elegant and graceful when white wedding dresses match with white or cream-colored wraps. While it could lengthen the proportions of brides figures if they choose some designed wraps.
  4. You need to choose wraps according to your figures: petite brides could choose wraps in pink and of high deflection; while tall brides should choose ones in heavy colors and of soft fabrics.

Beautiful veils for your big day

How to choose and to wear the veil beautifully in your big day? Here are some tips about choosing and wearing veils:

Firstly, the length of the veil needs to match with that of your wedding dress.

If you choose a floor length wedding dress, you could wear a veil of 9-13 feet which will make your dress much royal and formal. But if you have chosen a long train dress, you’d better not choose a veil that is too long. Usually, long train dresses will be embellished from waist and hips to the bottom. Thus, a long veil will cover these embellishments. You could choose a veil just above your waist.

beautiful veils for your big day
beautiful veils for your big day

Secondly, veils of one layer and multiple layers have different effects.

These two style veils could present different feelings. Short, multiple layers veils are suitable for lovely and petite brides and could make their faces smaller visually. But for full brides, these will only make their top too big.

Single layer veils are almost suitable for every bride. And what’s more, this kind of veils could produce a visual effect of lengthening brides’ full bodies.

You also need to take your hair style into consideration when you are choosing veils. You’d better choose a concise veil to match with a complicated hair style. Otherwise, you could wear a quite delicate veil and let it be the visual focus.

Thirdly, the position wearing the veil should match with your hair style and your figure.

How could you wear a veil rightly? You need to wear it according to your hair style and your figure. If you are a little short, you’d better not wear the veil in a too low position which will make you shorter visually.

If you just like your hair hanging down naturally, you should wear the veil on the top of your head, which could create a magical atmosphere of a princess.

Remembering these basic tips of choosing and wearing veils, you could make the big day much more perfect.

Wedding Dresses for 2012

The new year of 2012 has already come here! So what will the new style wedding dresses be like in 2012?

wedding dresses for 2012
wedding dresses for 2012

Strapless wedding dresses

Strapless wedding dresses are always the favorite gowns for brides. And many brides often think that this kind of dresses is more suitable for brides who have round busts. But strapless dresses with complicated adornments on top will fit every bride. What’s more, strapless wedding dresses could perfectly show your figure and elevate your temperament.

Wedding dresses with trains

Long train wedding dresses are very traditional and perfect for church or garden weddings. The length of the train should suit for the ceremony. And nowadays more and more brides prefer to choose dresses with a short train for they like a simple life style.

Wedding dresses with fluffy sleeves

Dresses with fluffy sleeves are suitable for lovely brides. Do you still remember Snow White who wears a wedding dress with fluffy sleeves? This kind of dresses could nicely produce the feeling of a princess.

Of course, you could also combine the three styles to make a special wedding dress for your big day.

Wedding dresses with different trains.

Most girls have dreamt that she will get married in a church, wearing a long train wedding dress and slowly walking towards the one she loves. And it depends personally how long the train would be. Different length train wedding dresses are for brides with different figures and for different wedding ceremonies.

dresses with different trains
dresses with different trains

1. Sweep Train

The length of the train onto floor is shorter than 30cm. Usually the back hem is only a few inches lower than the front hem. It is perfect for an elegant informal or semi-formal wedding gown.

2. Court Train

The length of the train is 30cm to 50cm. This kind of dresses could be used for semi-formal wedding ceremonies.

3. Chapel Train

The train length is 50cm to 80cm. It is perfect for a semi-formal wedding gown but could be used for a formal or informal wedding gown as well.

4. Cathedral Train

Usually the train length is 80cm to 130cm. This is usually used for a formal wedding. These dresses often come with a bustling option or a removable train to allow for better movement on the dance floor.

5. Royal Train

The train length is over 130cm. Also called a Monarch train, this train is only used for the most formal wedding.

6. Watteau Train

This is the train attached to shoulder of the wedding dress. It could perfectly show the fabric lightness of your dress and bring much charm to you.

How to reserve your wedding dress?

reserve your wedding dress
reserve your wedding dress

After the wedding ceremony, most of us will reserve the wedding dresses for the rest of our life. But the reservation of wedding dress is quite different from that of other special garments. Here are some tips for cleaning and protection of wedding dresses:

Different fabrics have different reservation methods.

When buying the wedding dress, you could obtain all information about the fabric and the beading works of the dress. These will help you a lot in your wedding dresses reservation.

Wash your wedding dress with water!

Since chemistry material will destroy the beading decorations on the dress, the best way to wash wedding dress is washing the dress in water with mild and neutral cleaner. You could let the dress sink in the water for a while and then you could get a quite clean dress.

It is very terrible to hang up wedding dress.

After the cleaning and drying, you could reserve the dress. It should be put to a cool and dry place, such as your closet or under your bed. Please remember: do not hang up your dress. Since years by years, the dress will be lengthened or even be torn down by the gravity.

Reservation Tips:

There are still two points that accounts: firstly, you must wash your hand before going to reserve the dress; then you could twist the hoops when you reserving the dress. But when air clothes in the closet, you need to reconvert the hoops in case the hoops will lose the flexibility.

Right Bra for the big day

The wedding ceremony is an important event for a bride. Every detail accounts. You need to choose a right bra for the big day.

right bra for the big day
right bra for the big day

Daily worn bras of 3/4 cup, 1/2 cup and full cup are all have slight shaping functions. They are fit for fashionable brides who have obvious S-shape figures. When you have decided the wedding dress that you will wear in the ceremony, you could ensure the style and color of your bra according to the dress color.

The shape of cup should match with the bust cutting of the dress. What’s more, you could wear your under outside. As for brides wearing A-B bras, you could choose 3/4 cup bras. C cup could choose 1/2 cup. Brides with small busts need to choose thicken full cup bras. While thinner full cup bras are first choice for brides who wear D cup or larger bras.

Wedding dresses-concise but never common

concise wedding dress
concise wedding dress

With faster and faster pace of life, the wedding dresses are going to be more and more concise. Simple and elegant wedding dresses are becoming more and more popular for working women. They live in a tense and effective life style. So they would like dresses that could show their own personalities and tastes but not the ones with complicated design. They like relaxed and cozy feelings in their wedding ceremonies.

Wedding garments are more concise but never common. In fact, luxurious wedding dresses with beading work and laces only have small market nowadays. While simple wedding dresses would show the bridal beauty better. Having given up the complicated design, with exquisite cutting, those brief dresses could thoroughly show the pure and graceful air of the brides.

What’s more, if you think the dress is too simple, you could also do some changes by yourself. With some delicate flowers, you could do some decorations in your hair, on one shoulder, around waist or even on your shoes. These adornments will make you pretty special.

Wearing a simple wedding dress, you could move freely. If you want to show the confidence, just choose some concise and exquisite garments for your big day!

How could wedding garments match with complexion?

With different complexion, brides have to choose different garments accordingly. Here are some tips to choose garments for different colors of skin:

dresses for kinds of compleaxion
dresses for kinds of compleaxion


1. Fair skin

You could choose garments in pink. And in order to avoid a sense of inharmonic, you’d better not choose some heavy colors, such as red, black etc.

2. Dark healthy skin

You could choose garments in bright colors to create the healthy image and to match with the complexion. At the same time, please try to give up the pink colors which would be darkened by the dark skin.

3. Yellowish skin

Generally, the yellowish skin gives people an unhealthy feeling. Thus you’d better choose garments in some modest colors. Only when you have a good-shaped face, you could choose garments with complicated decorations.